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Live-courses to explore your interests

For ages 6+

Live Courses

Explorations in Physics

physics black hole space outer drawing

How do black holes form? Is it possible to 'see' without light? Can you use just a stopwatch to measure the height of a building?

Hi! In this course, we explore Physics. You choose a topic and ask lots of questions on it. We will add in fun, games, and discussions, and make it an electrifying journey.

Explorations in Maths

maths fibonacci spiral

How does Maths appear in Nature? Can Christmas and Halloween be celebrated on the same day? Is there a way to crack secret messages sent by a spy?


Pi! In this course, we use Maths in different games and real-life scenarios. Ask loads of questions, solve puzzles, practice and learn Maths in a fun way.

Explorations in Photography

photography course

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Ever wondered how to capture a photo that leaves a mesmerizing effect on the viewer? 


Hola! In this course, we explore the basics of camera, exposure, depth of field, composing a frame and a critical discussion of a few famous photographs.

Explorations in Hindi

hindi literature stories poems

Namaste! In this course, we explore the world of Hindi literature through story telling, quizzes and discussion of some of the most popular Hindi short stories. 

We see the society and world through the eyes and times of eminent Hindi authors. This course is available separately in Hindi and in English as the medium of instruction.

Explorations in Biology

biology immunity

Why do we sleep? What are vaccines and how do they work? What constitutes good nutrition?


Hello! In this course full of life, we explore the living, breathing world of Bio-logy. Discuss all your questions, play games, enjoy activities and investigate.

Explorations in History

dna history sources

Why study events that happened hundreds or thousands of years ago? To investigate the past we need evidence. What evidence can we collect to question history? 

Can our DNA tell us about who are we and where do we come from? Join us as we explore history in a fun and fascinating journey.

Chess Mates

Chess Mates

What laurels does one shower upon an art about which countless poets and artists have waxed eloquent.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or were born with a chess board in your mouth, come find your tribe here!

Explorations in Chemistry


What chemical secrets lay hidden inside our kitchens? What are the differences between modern and traditional medicines?

How do the molecules in soaps and detergents remove dirt? This course explores the bubbling, frothing world of chemistry in a curious way.

The Games Basket

games activities hobbies

Have you been continuously studying? Looking for a way to chill-off and explore a few hobbies?

In this course each session is filled with games and activities themed around hobbies such as art, architecture, board games, chess, reading, photography, puzzles, quizzing, storytelling, and more.


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Course Features

Neemyard Customized Content
Customized Content

No fixed syllabus - choose  topics of your interest

Neemyard Real World Applications
Real-World Applications

Deep focus on connecting learning to real-life scenarios

Games and Activities

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Neemyard Games & Activities

Live-interactive sessions

Neemyard Discussions
Neemyard Quizzes

Keep track of your progress and recollect key ideas

Neemyard Skills
Focus on Skills

Build long-term skills, not short-term memorization

High Quality Facilitators

Selectively chosen from the best of the best

Neemyard Facilitators
Peer - Learning

Crucial for learning - built into our courses by design

Neemyard Peer Learning
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Neemyard Byte Sized

Short courses ranging from few days to few weeks

Course Features

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